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DX-101 Gaussmeter

DX-101 Gaussmeter



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DX-101 Gaussmeter

DX-101 Gaussmeter is based on the Hall effect magnetic field strength of the latest developments in instrumentation, the design of desktop-type Gauss meter. Maximum range 330.0mT and 3000mT two tranches, the minimum basic error of 1.0%. Test probe connectors is imported, stable and reliable connection.


1. Magnetic surface magnetic field measurement,
2. DC coil magnetic field,
3. DC electromagnet gap magnetic field measurement.


1. The bright blue LCD meter display, with wide test range;
2. Display directly the N / S pole of tested surface;
3. With the probe calibration automatically, the users do not need to calibrate the probe with the calibration magnet when replacing the probe.
4. using imported GaAs hall sensor chip components, accuracy and linearity reached a higher level.

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply
AC220V (or specified)
Measuring Range
0-±300mT,0-±3000mT two gears
better than 1.0% (0 ~ ±1000mT);
better than 2.0% (1000mT ~ ±2000mT);
better than 4.0% (2000mT ~ ±3000mT);
0.01 mT(0.1Gs)
Working Condition
Temp.: 0~50ºC, humidity:35~80%
Normal Probe
L60mm x W3.5mm x T0.6mm, Senstive area:0.5mm x 0.5mm
Thin Probe
L40mm x W1.2mm x T0.35mm, Senstive area:0.25mm x 0.25mm
1.2 kgs