Multidimensional high precision digital magnetic measurement system,High precision digital Gauss meter

Multidimensional high precision digital magnetic measurement system,High precision digital Gauss meter
Product Overview:

Multidimensional high precision digital magnetic measurement system

Multidimensional high precision digital magnetic measurement system

Multidimensional high precision digital magnetic measurement system

Summary: multidimensional high precision automatic digital magnetic measurement system is our company research and develop automated digital high-precision magnetic measurement platform with the international level.It is composed of a high-precision multidimensional CNC micro platform, a high precision digital Gauss meter and control system software.It could test lots of magnetic field properties accurately, such as space magnetic field distribution (one-dimensional; two-dimensional; three-dimensional), surface magnetic field distribution, uniform distribution, N / S pole distribution, draw all kinds of graphics ( one-dimensional; two-dimensional; three-dimensional), memory data, save and print. It could test irregular shapes of the magnet(round, square, cylindrical, multi-polar magnetic ring) and space field. It is applicable to the researchments of all types of magnetic materials, space magnetic field, magnetic field in motors and so on..


1. Wide testing Space: 2400mm x1600mm x1600mm ( x, y, z ), three dimensional free stroke is optional, to achieve five dimensional platform by adding rotary degrees. Translational stroke step fine ( resolution 0.00039mm ), positioning accuracy 0.01mm, repeat positioning accuracy < 0.004 mm, rotating stroke angle resolution < 0.0002 °, positioning accuracy 0.01 °, repeated positioning precision < 0.005°, the moving speed has 2-64 class subdivision. It achieves fine distribution to test space in the physical space.
2. High Precision Test: It could make the space and surface magnetic measurements have higher accuracy by using high precision digital Gauss meter ( one-dimensional or multi-dimensional ) and a miniature Holzer probe (one-dimensional, two-dimensional , three-dimensional). The accuracy is ±0.05% of range ±0.005 reading.
3. Digital and Automation: the system adopts computer real-time control and data acquisition. System software designs test process through a variety of forms. Users could directly input the measured surface data and subdivision parameter to achieve automatic test. Data is recorded and preserved automaticly.Users could record according to the various automaticly generated graphs(one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional) and measured data and print chart. The format of database is Access.
4. Flexible Combination Mode: Users could assemble the three-dimensional translational table and rotary table with a variety of modalities which are suitable for various testing to meet the different needs of test. System software contains each dimensional control and data acquisition, can also be expanded according to the requirements of special demands.

System Composition


1. Numerical control multi-dimensional platform


(X, Y, Z, θy , θz )
Dimensionality is optional,translation stroke and the diameter of turn table are optional 
Direction   optional stroke(mm)   Reslution(mm)
X           100-2400            <0.01
Y           100-1600            <0.01
Z           100-1600            <0.01
θy            360°             <0.01°
θz            360°             <0.01°


2. High precision digital Gauss meter

High precision digital Gauss meter


Resolution and Range


DX-360(three-dimensional Gauss meter)

10nT-10T ( 30T )

±0.15% of range, ±0.005 reading

DX-210 ( two-dimensional Gauss meter)

10nT-10T (30T )

±0.15% of range, ±0.005 reading

DX-180 (one-dimensional Gauss meter)


±0.05% of range, ±0.005 reading

DX-160 (one-dimensional Gauss meter)


±0.20% of range, ±0.005 reading


3. System Software

Schematic Diagram


Multi-dimensional magnetic field test system(big size)

Multi-dimensional magnetic field test system

Multi-dimensional magnetic field test system(small size)


The main display interface


This interface is mainly used for measuring multi-dimensional value of the magnetic field, temperature, humidity, time, test object name, probe type, the worktable movement way, running speed, real-time position information table. Wherein, magnetic field values can be realized along the X, Y, Z axis direction of the three component values, as well as their vector values.

Data Format


Two dimensional drawings

1)Two dimensional graph


2)Two dimensional radar map


Three dimensional drawings

Picture1: D plot of circular magnets


Picture2: D plot of cylindrical magnets


Picture3: D plot of multipole ring magnets


Picture4: Magnets 3 D distribution vector diagram


Picture 5: D plot of rectangular and squre magnets



Indusrial personal computer or notebook computers
5. Printer
Laser or color inkjet printer
6. Supporting platform and accessories of electric displacement platform (optional type)
(1) The supporting platform of electric displacement platform
The supporting platform of electric displacement platform is the optical platform, its technical indicators:
A ) Size: 1200mm * 2400mm * 200 mm
B ) Platform height: 800mm
C ) Flatness: 0.05mm / m2
D ) Hole Distance: 25 mm*25 mm,  Aperture: M6
E ) Surface Material: magnetic stainless steel Cr13, thickness 8mm, the light effect.
F ) Inner core is supported by steel honeycomb
(2) Test probe holder
The test probe frame uses multidimensional probe holder CY15 and probe frame CY35.
(3) The sample table and the supporting frame
Sample : the non-magnetic materials, stroke 100mm, BS100-1
Aluminum frame 600mm.








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