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2D / 3D Hall Probes

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2D / 3D Hall Probes

Gallium arsenide Hall probe is a hi-tech product of our company, it has the features of the minimum package size compared with domestic similar products, good magnetic linearity, good consistency, small temperature drift. The package size and electric performance parameters have reached the international advanced level. Compared with old product, it overcomes defects of large volume,  measuring point far caused big magnetic attenuation, poor accuracy, bad magnetic linearity , only single measurements, poor firmness, easy to damage.Axial two dimensional probe can be done radial diameter 0.9mm, axial 3D probe can be done diameter 1.2mm,. which are probes with smallest package sizes in the world, meet the special needs of national defense scientific research. Hall probe is the key element for making Gaussmeter ( Teslameter ), it determines the performance and quality of Gaussmeter (Teslameter), our company produces four kinds of Hall probes and various Hall sensors.

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