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Dexing magnet can supply Spectroradiometric Measurement System,Spectroradiometric Measurement
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Spectometer Measurement System

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Spectroradiometric Measurement System (Combined) HSP3000

Applies to conserves energy the lamp, the fluorescent lamp, the HID lamp (high-pressured sodium lamp, mercury lamp, Jin Ludeng), the incandescent lamp, the halogen tungsten lamp, the luminous powder and so on produces the factory and the third party quality testing authentication organization use approval, hundred improvements and the many times modification have caused this system the reliability, the accuracy and is easy to be operational has all achieved the international leading level. In the principle completely satisfies CIE to the light and the color survey request. Solves LED, the miniature bead soaks, conserves energy the lamp, the ordinary fluorescent lamp, the halogen tungsten lamp, the HID lamp and so on all electricity photosource (matches different integral ball and luminescent material "like luminous powder") all luminosity and the colorimetric parameter test. More convenient, simpler, is quickly more accurate. All data report form supports PDF and the EXCEL documents transformation

Spectroradiometric Measurement System (Combined) HSP3000

Measure and display the relative spectral power distribution (UV-VIS-NIR)P(λ), chromaticity coordinate, correlated color temperature, rending index, color difference, peak wavelength, luminous flux, luminous flux efficiency and photometry parameters of light source and light material under the control of general PC.Fast auto adjust high-voltage not only the mearsurement time quickly,but also the wear and tear of the instrume-nt.Measure the temperature in both environment and integrating sphere simultaneously to make the data more visually and reliably.

Performance parameter of Spectroradiometric Measurement System (Combined) HSP3000:

Range of wavelength: 380-780nm.(Special:200nm~780nm).
Accuracy of wavelength: ±0.2nm.
Repeatability of wavelength:±0.1nm.
Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate:±0.0003(under standard illuminate A).
Spectrum sample interval: 5nm(Special order:1nm).
Luminosity linearity:0.3%.
Accuracy of luminosity:1class.
Correlated color temperature measure range:1500k~25000k.
Accuracy of CCT:±0.3%(under standard illuminate A).
Accuracy of rending index:±(0.3%rd±0.3).
Environment temperature measure range:-10℃~80℃ .
Temperature measure range(In sphere):-10℃~100℃ .