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Product Detail:

Demagnetizer & magnetizer

Product Detail:

PC Magnetizer

PC Magnetizer is one of new pulse magnetizer, it uses high power silicon controlled
rectifier as switch element, gets electric energy from dynamic electricity to let magentizing coil gain strong pulse current and generate a strong magnetic field to achieve the purpose of magnetizing magnets.

PC Magnetizer


Strong pulse magnetic field,suitable for magnetizing NdFeB, AlNiCo and Ferrite magnets.
High efficiency: flexible use, get or putsamples is convinient,efficiency is high.
Safe and reliable: equipped with manual or pedal switch, operate easy, safe and reliable.
Convenient to carry: exquisite design,rational construction, convenient to carry.
Typical coil dimension and magnetic filed intensity:
Magnetic field area Φ32㎜×70㎜, center magentic field better than 4.0T.




Tags: Magnetometers Gaussmeter Hysteresis Graph Magnetic Source Helmholtz Coil Solenoid Hall Effect System

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