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Product Detail:

Demagnetizer & magnetizer

Introduction of Demagnetizer & magnetizer:

Our company produces capacitive pulse magnetizing and demagnetizing equipment professionally. The advanced technique which has been used is totally provided by Japanese Electromagnetism Industry joint-stock company. The equipments are accurate. The components are elegant. And the experiments are completed. The productions can magnetize all kinds of permanent-magnet materials which are widely used in the automobile industry, sound speakers, speedometers, plastic ferrite magnets, rare-earth metal (SmCo, NdFeB) magnets and IPM motors, etc.

Product Detail:

Magnetizing Power

1. DX Magnetizing Power

The Advantages of DX Magnetizing Power:
The EMIC-DCD magnetizing power is made by the EMIC technology including the designing,parts selecting,producing and testing.
The main advantages of the fixture are:

  • The repeat precision of the charge voltage is ±1V+1digit.
  • The operation is easy
  • The capacity of the condenser can be changed
  • High charge voltage and low output impedance
  • Built-in standard ampere meter with compare function
  • Built-in discharge circuit
  • High reliability and safety
  • Using main condenser and SCR passed the endurance tests more than 5 million times.

DX Magnetizing Power Model :

Model for DX Magnetizing Power

The optimal yokes and coils are designed and made according to request of customers.

2. The High Power Magnetizing Power 


Good visibility by clear and large digits in      Frame structure for easy maintain
displays of the charge voltage meter and    
current meter.


The High Power Magnetizing Power  Model :

Model for The High Power Magnetizing Power

The optimal yokes and coils are designed and made according to request of customers.

3. Magnetizing powers

Main uses of magnetizing powers
■Type of 1000W
Magnetizing of speaker,earphone,speedometer and automobile motor equipment magnets, and single magnets.
■Type of 1500W
Multi-pole magnetizing of rare earth metals,plastic ferrite cores,inner material magnetizing of
micromotors,PM stepping motors,VTRs,small flat motors,fan motors,small DC motors,magnetic encoders,and FG
■Type of 2500W
Magnetizing of rare earth metals(SmCo,NdFeB),and of AC servo motor,hybrid/PM stepping motor,movement for watches,magnetron principal axis motor,focus actuator,air-condition motor,and refrigeration motor equipment magnets
■Type of 4000W
Magnetizing of large size rare earth metals(SmCo,NdFeB),and of electrical vehicle motor,big servo motor and linear servo motor,and IPM motor equipment magnets
Main uses of magnetizing and demagnetizing powers

Demagnetizing of plastic magnet of spool runners,ahead-process of crushing for recycle,remagnetizing of rejects,it notes the magnetic characteristic of NdFeB PM will be changed after demagnetizing.The high-HC magnet can not be demagnetized entirely.

Magnetizing Powers  Model :

Model for Power Magnetizing Power

4. The special magnetizing power

Uses of the special magnetizing powers
Type of 1504,1506
Magnetizing of micrometers either in or outer ways.The magnetized motors’distributions of magnet fields will be in highly uniformity.
Type of 1510-20II,2510-30II
Magnetizing of multi-pole teeny pole distance rare earth metals,one equipment may match with two yokes or two coils
Type of 1510-30IIV
Polar-anisotropic and tropism magnet automatically can be located at the right magnetizing position according to the polarizing axis of magnets

Type of 4030-30II
Two work-position uses jointly one magnetizer,magnetizing independently with different voltage.


The Special Magnetizing Power Model :

Model for The Special Power Magnetizing Power

The optimal yokes and coils are designed and made according to request of customers.