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Automatic test system for magnetization

Automatic test system for magnetizationThis system,composed of magnetizer,computer test system and magnetization device,can completely meet the demands of on line magnetization and test for motor production line.The magnetic field and flux distribution test of motor magnet is finished in the process of magnetization.Meanwhile,the wave-form of magnetic field, strength of surface magnetic field, the max flux,the min flux and the average of flux will be displayed on the screen.

Subject to computer's design of max and min strength of surface magnetic field and flux on magnet,the system realizes alarm when motors work out of range,which assures the consistence of products.The production time of each on line motor and parameter of magnetic field will be stored in the system and the data will be printed by it.

●Different capacity magnetizers can be used in this system that is fit for producing many kinds of motors.
●The operation under windows98 is quick and easy.
●Magnetization fixtures are controlled by servo system;motors are loaded and unloaded automatically.
●The wave-form and data are displayed directly,which makes it easy to sieve the products.
●The data are stored and printed in order to be easily checked


Magnetic field ditribution automatic measuring meter

Magnetic field ditribution automatic measuring meterMFDAM is used for testing the magnet's surface magnetic field and flux after magnetization and evaluating the magnetization effect with the test data. For example,the magnetic field on ring magnet's inner,outer and end ring surface and the magnetic field on flat magnet can be tested.Especially,it has the superiority in test of magnet with multi-pole

This instrument is used multi axis control by the can test the magnet automatically and it can test magnet with small pole distance quickly and precisely.The detection head has the function of fixed position automatically and a coder output device is assembled on revolving.This instrument needs less than 5 seconds to test each magnet and is completely fit for on line test.

It can display the parameters under friendly customer system in Windows98,such as wave-form of magnetic field,magnetic flux,extreme value,the number of poles,average extreme value,angle scope of each pole,angle where the extreme value is,duty ratio and area of each pole,etc.ln addition,it has alarm function when out of the range. The data can be processed and printed by EXCEL.Wave-form can be display by X-Y coordinates,polar coordinates and three-dimensional.


Automatic magnetizer for milti-pole magnet

Automatic magnetizer for milti-pole magnetThis machine can complete the automatic feed,magnetization and classification makes labour's complex work easier and avoids the unstable's evident that this of machine has superiority in magnetizing multi-pole magnet.

The total process includes feed,magnetization,classification test,siving of the qualified/unqualified and sepration of magnets,which can be completed sequentially.With the help of PLC contral and pneumatic device, the operation is quick,simple and highefficient,This machine is fit for magnetization in batch.