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The Electromagnet Field Control Platform

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Electromagnet Power Supply

Introduction of Electromagnet Power Supply:

The electromagnet power supply of Dexing Magnet is high-performance full digital control high precision bipolar constant current power supply, widely used in electromagnet, Helmholtz coils. Current continuous zero-crossing, non-contact commutation, can produce a smooth, stable controlled magnetic field. Through the built-in Gauss meter (optional) to form a high-precision magnetic platform, continuous scanning field. The control of current or magnetic field patterns can provide simple, easy to use and control in the form for the user.

Electromagnet Power Supply

Electromagnet Power Supply

Main Functions and Features

1. Using a 24bit ADC and DAC analog as front-end and back-end interfaces.

2. Using ARM + DSP to achieve dynamic digital control.

3. Using 5.7 inches (320 × 240) large size LCD to display real-time power supply status.

4. Offering five output control modes, able to adapt to different application environments:

  • Set by the keyboard;
  • Controlled by an analog voltage;
  • Controlled by the computer via UART interface;
  • Controlled by a computer via the GPIB interface (Optional);
  • Controlled by a computer via the USB interface (Optional);
  • Using preemptive design, don’t need to specify control mode through panel .

5. Bipolar output, non-contact commutation, current continuous zero crossing:

  • Output current, voltage four -quadrant operation (especially for inductive load);
  • The change rate of the output current can reach 200A / s, for reactive load, the power automatically limit the rate according to current and power.

6. Supporting to connect with the gauss meter via a serial interface.

7. Automatic control mode for the magnetic field. Directly enter the target magnetic field strength through the buttons on the panel of power supply, the power supply automatically adjust the output current according to readings of built-in gauss meter to stabilize the magnetic field to the setting value.

8. Using a low-power standby mode, supports host computer to remotely turn power on and off, without panel operation.

9. A variety of protection functions. Consider the states of electricity and cooling, module status of multiple factors , to provide comprehensive protection for power and fault status is displayed directly on the LCD screen, the user check the reason:

  • Input power supply undervoltage , overvoltage protection;
  • Input power supply phase loss protection;
  • Input power supply failure protection (internal protection to absorb the inductive load anti- irrigation energy);
  • Cooling water failure protection, internal overheating protection, condensation inside the machine protection;
  • Module undervoltage protection;
  • Module overcurrent protection;
  • Module over power protection.



Input connection 3 phase, plus ground (4-wire) 1 phase, ground
Voltage(VAC) 380±20 380±20 380±20 220±20
Power(kVA) 6 10 16 0.8
Output Current range(A) ±70 ±90 ±65 ±3
resolutions1(bit) 24 16
Current noise (mA) 0.1
Stability(ppm/h) 50
Ramp rate(A/s) Up to 200  
Voltage(VDC) ±50 ±60 ±135 ±70
Electric Cabling ≥25 ≥35 ≥35  
Load Resistance(Ω) 0.5±0.2 0.5±0.2 1.5±0.5 14
Inductance(H) 0~0.5 0~0.5 0~1.0  
Control interface Analog ±10V N/A
Digital RS-232
Magnetic Field Measurement Optional, by integrated Gaussmeter, with range -30KG to +30KG
Operating environment Ambient Temperature(℃) 0~50
Humidity 50%±15% (non-condensing)
Cooling Water Power( kW) >3 >5 >8 Air cooled, N/A
Temperature(℃) 8/12 8/12 8/12 N/A
Pressure(kPa) 240-700 240-700 300-700 N/A
Flow rate(l/min) 8 10 12 N/A
Connections: (ID/OD in mm) 16-20 16-20 16-20 N/A
Size L*W*H(mm) 700*600*1100 800*600*1200 450*500*190
Weight Kg 189 226 272 26
Mechanical Outline Freestanding rack cabinet with wheels and leveling feet N/A