Magnetic Declination Testing System
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Magnetic Declination Testing System

Model: Magnetic Declination Testing System

Magnetic Declination Testing System

Magnetic Declination Testing System


A single Helmholtz coil can be used to measure the magnetic moment M produced by the permanent magnet in the magnetization direction. The magnetic moment M can be obtained through the relational expression M=KH×Φ, in which KH is the Helmholtz coil constant, while the Φ is the magnetic flux of the magnet induction to the coil. As for the quality inspection for the permanent material samples after being magnetized, Helmholtz coil is adopted and it is getting quite popular and universal. It is extremely important for the designed one-dimensional and three-dimensional Helmholtz coil to participate in the mutual parameter transmission with its international peers.

Through the efforts of the company's collective wisdom, DX-2100AM magnetic declination measuring device was completed and can be put on the market as a new product. Compared with the original prototype, this enquipment imporves is the design of the machine body, add a pneumatic push sample structure for the separation of large rare earth permanent magnet sample, and coil constants K of XY axis coils are designed to be under 0.015cm. All of these meet the needs of customers at home and abroad. As the equipment does not involve the use of graphic record, we change the computer configuration to laptops, mainly used as the record of the test samples, and all the recorded parameters can be directly printed out.



Item Name
magnetic declination test host
3-axial helmholtz coil
magnetic declination testing software
Lenove PC
HP printer
Special working platform

Technical Parameters

1. DX-2100AM magnetic declination test host

1) three-channel fluxmeter
  1. Fluxmeter range: 1mWb/10mWb/100mWb/1000mWb, four gears, accuracy: 0.5%;
  2. Fuxmeter resolution: 0.01%, 0.1uWb min.;
  3. Input impedance corresponding range: 1kΩ/10kΩ/100kΩ/1MΩ;
  4. Drift: 1uWb/min (corresponding to 10mWb test range after adjusting stably) .
2) Host function
  1. Diretly display the flux of three-channel fluxmeter;
  2. Directly display magnetic declination θz of the tested sample;
  3. Comprison between θz and the setting value, easy to judge qualifed or unqualified and classify high precision product;
  4. Stand-alone test or connect to PC with RS232 interface and automatically record test data ;
  5. Repeatability and reproducibility of magnetic moment M and magnetic declination θz is less than 10%.

2. DXHC150 3-aixal helmholtz coils (round-shape)

  1. XY coil constant designed as: 0.015 Wb*cm/V*s, calibration accuracy: better than 0.5%;
  2. Z coil constant designed as: 0.05 Wb*cm/V*s, calibration accuracy: better than 0.5%;
  3. Coil orthogonal angle: better than ±0.2°;
  4. Main axial coil (Z coil places up and down, easy to improve the test accuracy of magnetic declination);
  5. Test sample range:
    a. 30mm3~150mm3 (homogeneous area: 0.3%);
    b. 30mm3~30mm3 (homogeneous area: 1.0%).


3. DX-2100 magnetic declination testing software

  1. Automatically record the serial no. of the tested sample;
  2. Automatically record θz, total magnetic moment M and flux Øx、Øy、Øz.
  3. Coil resistance is Ohm, directly input, test software auto-correct fluxmeter amplification coefficient to ensure the test accuracy.

4. Special working platform

  • Aluminum alloy structure, stable table-board;
  • Intall removable slider (Non magnetic material), the depth of parallelism with Z axis coil is better than 0.1°;
  • Sliding distance: 500mm;
  • According to the sample sizes, we’ll design some sampling structures to decrease the operating difficulty for testing operators.

Magnetic Declination Testing System

5. Testing capability (the second table is Mastesy’s test result, 1Am2=1.2566uWb*m

Magnetic Declination Testing System

Magnetic Declination Testing System

Dexing Promise:

  • The product is new designed and researched, the warranty is 18 months, if the product has any quality problem, Dexing would afford all involved charges.
  • After warranty period, Dexing still would repair it, and charge the reasonable repairing fee, including trip, materials and working income, and guarantee the problem can be resolved within 4 hours after the engineer arrives.
  • Testing software can be upgraded free for ever.