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Hall Effect Measurement System

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DX-50 Hall Effect Measurement System

DX-50 Hall Effect Measurement System

Testable materials:

  1. Semiconductor materials: SiGe, SiC, InAs, InGaAs, InP, AlGaAs, HgCdTe and ferrite materials etc.
  2. Low impedance material: metal, transparent oxide, weak magnetic semiconductor materials, TMR material, ect.
  3. High impedance material: Semi-insulating GaAs, GaN, CdTe, etc.

Hall-effect system components:

This system is consisted of electromagnet, high-precision electromagnet power supply, high-precision constant current source, high-precision voltage meter, gauss meter, connecting cables, standard sample, sample mount and the system software. The system contains specially developed DX-320 constant current source, six semi-microvolt meter and complex switching relays for Hall measurements (Integrally assembled switch). These have greatly simplified the connection and operation of experimental. DX-320 can be used alone as a constant current source or micro-volt meter. The system can be used to measure the carrier concentration, mobility, resistivity, Hall coefficient, and other important parameters of semiconductor material. These parameters must be known in advance to understand the electrical properties of semiconductor materials, so Hall Effect measurement system is an essential tool to understand and study of semiconductor devices and electrical properties of semiconductor materials. The results can be calculated by the software automatically, at the same time, it will get Bulk Carrier Concentration, Sheet Carrier Concentration, Mobility, Resistivity, Hall Coefficient, Magneto resistance, I-V curve and I-R curve measurement parameters.


No. Item Model Descriptions
1 Electromagnet DXWD-50 Magnetic field: 7000 Gauss at 20mm air gap
2 High precision
Gauss meter
DX-130 Accuracy: ± 0.30% of reading/Resolution: 1Gs Range :0-3T /probe Thickness: 1.0mm/Length 100mm /digital Rs-232 interface data reading software with CDX-800F probe
3 High precision
Power supply
F2031      Digital constant current power supply 10A, 100V, 1000W, RS-232 interface can be CNC polar conversion, resolution: 1mA
4 Probe and
sample holder
  Non-magnetic aluminum bracket 5-70mm adjustable; sample holder fixture (on request)
5 System software   Adjusting the magnetic field can be digitized and current testing of various material parameters
6 Constant current
and electric meter
DX-320 Current output: 0.1nA-50mA,
voltage test: 0.1uV-30V
7 Calibration Sample   Silicon Sheet/Ga/As, resistance: 300~500Ω


Main technical indicators:

1) Magnetic field intensity: Greater than 7000 gauss (DX-50)
Greater than 14000 gauss (DX-100)  Magnetic gap 15mm
2) Electric current: 0.1mA~50mA(Expandable to 1A)
3) Measuring voltage: 0.1uV~30V
4) Offers a variety of standard test materials: GaAs, Si etc.
5) Magnetic field minimum resolution: 0.01mT
6) Magnetic field measuring range: 0~3T
7) Resistance Range: 10mΩ~1MΩ
8) Carrier concentration: 103~1022cm-3
9) Mobility: 0.1~108cm2/volt*sec
10) Systematic measurement errors: <2%

▲ with Gauss meter or data acquisition board computer communications
▲ I-V curves and I-R curve measurements
▲ resistivity range :10-6 ~ 1011 Ohm * cm
▲ Resistance Range: 10 m Ohms ~ 1MOhms
▲ carrier concentration: 103 ~ 1022scm-3
▲ mobility: 102 ~ 107 cm2/volt * sec
▲ fully automated testing, a key processing