DX-210B Low Drift Fluxmeter,Fluxmeter,digital fluxmeter,magnetic flux
Product Detail:


Product Detail:

DX-210B Low Drift Fluxmeter

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Nondestructive Testers

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DX-210B Low Drift Fluxmeter


With the design of low-drift electronic integrating circuit, DX-210B low drift fluxmeter is mostly characterized by the rapid testing induction response, high test accuracy and no loss of testing data. The user can measure samples with pulling method, and the test date can nearly be independent from the pulling speed. The repeatability of tested magnetic flux date is good. DX-210B low drift fluxmeter is a good integrator which can simulate the circuit design and with wide applications.


1. Adopt pulling coil to measure the magnetic flux of permanent magnet;
2. Adopt Helmholtz coil to measure the magnetic moment of permanent magnet;
3. Adopt closed-circuit test fixture to measure overall magnetic flux of the motor stator;
4. Adopt closed-circuit test fixture to measure overall magnetic flux of the motor rotor.


1. Directly read magnetic flux data;
2. Judge the direction of integration by “+” or “-”;
3. Suitable for matching with different integration coils and fixtures;
4. Adjust stably, low drift, less than 1uWb/min;
5. High input impedance, the coil has small effect on the test.

Technical parameters

1. Power supply: 220V/0.5A;
2. Display: 4 1/2 bit;
3. Test range: 2mWb, 20mWb, 200mWb, 2000mWb, four gears;
4. Test accuracy: 0.5%(corresponding to each full range);
5. Drift: less than 1uWb/min;
6. Min. resolution: 0.1uWb (corresponds to 2mWb);
7. Dimension: 285mm × 300mm × 100mm, weight: 3kg;
8. Operational environment: 0 ° C to +50 ° C, humidity: 35 to 80%.


Tags: Magnetometers Gaussmeter Hysteresis Graph Magnetic Source Helmholtz Coil Solenoid Hall Effect System

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