DX-201 Boiler Tube Oxide Scale Nondestructive Tester,Nondestructive Testers

DX-201 Boiler Tube Oxide Scale Nondestructive Tester,Nondestructive Testers manufacturer
Product Detail:


Product Detail:

DX-201 Boiler Tube Oxide Scale Nondestructive Tester

Nondestructive Testers

Nondestructive Testers

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DX-201 Boiler Tube Oxide Scale Nondestructive Tester

The boiler tube oxide scale nondestructive tester is a dedicated power plant oxide scale detection instrument developed by our company, which adopts patented technology designed test probe, combined with the universal fluxmeter. On the one hand, it can quickly and effectively detect the status of the power plant boiler stainless steel tube internal oxide scale flaking accumulation, exclude stainless steel tube oxide scale too much leading to pipes brust; on the other hand, it can also provide effective data support for overall oxidation corrosion status of heating surface in the boiler stainless steel tube to help achieve the safety assessment of the boiler.

This instrument is suitable for measuring non-magnetic stainless steel pipe inner layer accumulation rust. It can use a rechargeable battery, without power supply when test, which is suitable for outdoor environment operation. It can be used 4 hours once charge saturation. This product has been used by Hunan Xiangtan Power Generation Company Limited, Wuhan University, Nanyang Henan Yahekou Power Generation Co., Ltd., Anhui Huainan Pingwei power plants and Changsha thermal power plant, received good evaluations.

Concrete structures and components :

the improved DX-201 Fluxmeter and several the test probes matched with pipeline.

Instructions for use of DX-201 Boiler Tube Oxide Scale Nondestructive Tester:

1. Connect the dedicated test probe to DX-201 Fluxmeter according to the model of the test pipes, zeroing and stable drift.
2. Use the instrument to measure simulation blocked pipes, get to know the ratio between test data and accumulation data and determine the corresponding amount of data that needs to be cut.
3. Slid the probe on the pipeline, the figure will increase rapidly when encountering  blocked interval, measure about 3 times in this position, calculte the average of three figures, determine whether to cut blocked interval and unblock the pipeline according to the experimental data.
4. The battery can be used continuously for 4 hours once saturation charged, when the power is not enough, it can be charged for less than one hour to reach saturation, then use. If not used for a long time, it is recommended that charging less than 1 hour, once a month.
5. Selectable probe Model: Ø38mm, Ø47mm, Ø51mm, Ø57mm Ø63.5mm, also can be customized according to the user’s requirements, the sensitivity of test probes cann’t be affect by the change of thickness and diameter of the pipeline.



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