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Product Detail:

Transmission type Demagnetization Machine

Put workpiece on a side of the conveyor belt to move through magnetic field. This kind of machine is suitable for large quantity workpieces demagnetization.

Product Category: Demagnetization Machine

Transmission type Demagnetization Machine


Description of Transmission type Demagnetization Machine:

Type machine by magnetic field demagnetization ordained design, demagnetization effective, reliable, stable, and on the network without interference, low power consumption, anti-interference ability, widely used machining process in magnetic products (calipers, bearings, screws, screw cap, scissors, wrench, watches, mold, etc.) demagnetization.
The demagnetization machine set manual / automatic function, photoelectric control, can automatically accept the workpiece signal, and automatically start and stop equipment! For line work, have to meet a single piece of demagnetization.

Technical parameters of Transmission type Demagnetization Machine:

Model: CGF-400


1, the magnetic field space: 400mm × 400mm × 300mm
2, conveyor belt size: 350mm × 1800mm
3, conveyor belt speed: 0.2 m / s
4, Working voltage: 380V
5, the center magnetic field strength: H ≥ 40mT
6, demagnetization remanence <0.2mT
7, Demagnetization voltage (V) 0 ~ 380 adjustable
8, By speed: can be designed
9, Demagnetization intensity: 0 ~ 400GS adjustable
10, For workpiece size: according to the specific products to design an effective demagnetization region
These parameters depend on job sizes, and on the workpiece residual magnetic requirements, demagnetization effects are generally less than 2Gs, customers can call to consult on specific request!