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Introduction of Solenoid:

Soleniod is a kind of important tool for generating magnetic field, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient to use, the magnetic field in the axial direction after power on, and the magnetic field keeps the everlasting linear relationship with electric current. When length has a larger proportion with diameter, it has a good uniformity in the magnetic field center, and the larger the ratio is, the wider the uniform area will be. Solenoid is very suitable for magnetizing straight and long samples. Multilayer solenoid can increase the magnetic field strength, the stronger magnetic field requires larger power. Heat dissipation should be considered during long time use, even the protective action of electromagnetic force should be considered.

Our company can customize a variety of solenoids according to user’s requirements. Such as solenoid for long time use, the highest magnetic field could be up to 0.7T; solenoid with pulse excitation magnetic field could reach 10T approx..

When place an order, please tell us the required indicators so that we put forward the most accurate design:
1. Using inner diameter
2. Max. magnetic field
3. Uniform area range
4. Uniformity (ΔH/H)
5. Working time and period
6. Whether need power supply

Warm Prompt

Max. magnetic field: when the power reachs the maximum, the magnetic field strength in the magnetic field center;
Uniform area: relative uniform magnetic field area around the magnetic field center, or the user’s required magnetic field area range;
Uniformity: the deviation degree of magnetic field in the uniform area;
Stability: during one period of working time, the degree of the magnetic field change;
Working time: the longest working time;
Working period: the interval between two continious workings.