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Product Detail:

DC Power Source

Product Detail:

SCR Adjustable Power Supply

SCR Adjustable Power Supply


The SCR power supply belongs to DC equipment with low voltage, high current, output continuously adjustable, steady voltage, steady current.
The main characteristics:
1. the control circuit to achieve integration, high reliability;  
2. the output voltage and current are continuously adjustable, steady voltage and current;
3. Equipment can meet the user’s requirements of steady voltage and current: there are voltmeter and ammeter in the cabinet to indicate the working status;
4. with dry-type high power transformers installed in the cabinet, power supply is high efficiency. 

The main technical parameters

The main technical indicators of this equipment can meet the requirements of its corresponding heat treatment electromagnet regarded as load.
Output DC current: 0 ~ rated current
Output DC voltage: 0 ~ rated voltage
Pressure range: 0 ~100%
Steady current accuracy: not less than ± 2%
Steady voltage accuracy: not less than ± 1% 


This equipment has cabinet structure. Transformer is installed in the lower part of the cabinet; two sets of main circuit are installed in the central cabinet; control panel and relay circuit are placed on the mounting plate in the upper cabinets; the operating button, indicator lights and display instruments are installed in the cabinet door, convenient for use and inspenction.